Sunday, December 7, 2008

Progress is underway

I realized just today how effortlessly I was able to create this project for my students compared to the first wiki I tried to make at the beginning of my program. I enjoy introducing my students to multi-media technolgy, and I am starting to feel more confident in my ability to integrate it into my curricula. The addition of a Macbook and SMART board technology is going to make teaching and learning even more fun.
I am also starting to realize that I am indeed pursuing the right professional direction at the present time. Teach to the times.

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Saylor's Computer Classes said...

I'm so glad to hear your comment that you are beginning to feel more comfortable using and creating multimedia. Excellent. It is always a challenge but who wants a job that never has anything to push us forward? I'm not sure it gets easier because I keep finding new tools and challenges but it is always fun and the kids really pay attention so it is well worth the work! Alison