Friday, November 28, 2008

Topic 4 - 5 Video Pre-Production Storyboarding

Since my overall project is to prepare my students for our Spring Break trip to France by creating an informative, multi-media website, I will be shooting some video segments of myself and will include close up shots of the places I am talking about either by zooming in on images I have or, if possible, I would like to try to prepare the segments ahead of time as a SMART board presentation which I will then stand next to as I am filming. This could be very interesting, but it may be more work that I realize.

In the meantime, I have begun laying out the storyboard by using the index card function provided by


Sheila said...

I was hoping to get this project done during the Thanksgiving Break. Unfortunately, I was at a conference on Thursday and Friday of last week, and I did not get a chance to retrieve some of the realia and props I need from my classroom. (To save energy, the district has closed all school sites and I cannot get back into the building until Monday.)
I will have to film this next week instead, but I think that the SMART board idea might work well. I will probably enlist the help of some students since I will be on camera.

Saylor's Computer Classes said...

This storyboard looks great. Don't over do! The smartboard idea sounds good, place images and point out areas of interest on camera. Watch the shadows. How did you like celtx? Your comment on a previous post goes along with this, you get better production with storyboards and scripts. Have fun with your movie! I'm around and back in control so just email when and if you need any help with imovie. I use the version before the ilife 8 verion. It may be habit but I find the version 6 much easier to use. Here is the link if you have any issues with V8.