Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Unexpected outcome

So, I create this cool wiki for my AP French students to use for researching various aspects of the French Revolution, I take them into the media center, and what do they do? They spend half of the period deciding whose picture to use as their avatars- the first one started with Audrey Hepburn, then Grace Kelly came along, one of them decided to use the Principal's photo from the school web site, and then we got Borat. The rest of the period they sent out silly, random comments.

These are very bright students who normally do exceptional work. I feel certain that they will all have completed their parts by the due date, but I guess they just needed to have some fun along the way. At first I felt like they were just wasting time, but after reading their comments I have to admit that a little humor doesn't hurt.

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Saylor's Computer Classes said...

Interesting story. Play in this field may not be a bad thing. Maybe they just needed to feel comfortable then could get down to the work, making it their own with images etc. This would be a good spot to point out that you can waste time on a computer. Something to watch out for, you are learning in some respects but when there are time constraints, you have to have some discipline. I love the fact that you are using wikis! Good for you. Alison